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ABoutUs2Dear Friends,

Since 1912 our company has been guided by the basic premise that our primary responsibility is to serve our customers. Gerard Kluyskens Company Inc. is proud of the world-wide reputation that we have developed for service.

For the last 50 years, we have supplied the worlds markets with the highest quality cerium and aluminum oxide polishing compounds and consumables for the Ophthalmic, Flat Glass, Crystal and Precision Optic industries.

For the last 50 years, we have served our worldwide customer base with shipments made in a timely and economical manner. Our experienced shipping and billing group carefully controls routing of the materials and constantly negotiates for optimal Ocean, Air and Inland freight rates, permitting us to avoid the use of freight forwarders, thereby eliminating these additional costs.

Our customers have shown us over the years that they rely on our expertise to facilitate their operations. We are pleased to offer your production the efficient services that you require and indeed deserve. We welcome the opportunity of supplying you with all of your polishing requirements.


Edward Quesada

Gerard Kluyskens Company Inc

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