Precision Optics

High quality polishing slurries and powders for Precision polishing applications




TruPlane 1898

Fully formulated aluminum oxide based polishing slurry for use on sapphire substrates. The combination of high purity alumina and additives are optimized for performance and excellent dispersion, providing fast removal rate and excellent surface quality characteristics.

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High purity 99% Cerium Oxide powder developed for precision polishing. The fine particle size of this high quality product provides very low surface roughness values and excellent surface quality characteristics.

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Cerite 4285 

Developed for precision polishing applications and use on Zerodur, Quartz, Optical Glass and Photomask.

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Super Cerite 415

Highly concentrated Cerium Oxide polishing compound developed with a special formulation to achieve an unusually high stock removal rate while maintaining good suspension characteristics. Recommended for all mass production ophthalmic applications.

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Cerite "Great White" 5005

Developed for ophthalmic applications with speeds up to 1500RPM. Can be used with polyurethane and pitch polishing systems. Can be used in precision glass applications where a high stock removal is required.

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