High Concentration Lens Polishes

Our high concentration polishing compounds are designed to be diluted with water. This provides cost savings and adaptability to all machinery and polishing processes! They provide a broad usage range of 12-30 degrees baume!

These high concentration aluminum oxide lens compounds are designed to provide high surface quality and stock removal. They can be used for any lens type or polishing process (Digital/Free Form). Reduced shipping cost and less than half the storage space is needed. All of our high concentration polishes are suspension treated and precision engineered for today's lens polishing requirements and machinery. Cannot be used as is, these concentrated liquids must be diluted.




Polilens Plus 714Y-HC (High Concentrate)

Designed to be diluted at the customer’s site, this highly concentrated version of our best selling lens polish provides exceptional surface quality on all CR-39, High or Mid index and Polycarbonate surfaces. This product is designed to be diluted to a baume range of 12-30, depending on the customers specific lens polishing requirements. Suitable for both conventional and digital polishing applications.    

PP714Y-HC Technical Bulletin.PDF pdfIcon



GK Digital HC (High Concentrate)

This product is precision engineered for both Digital/Free Form. It's high concentration formulation reduces transportation and storage costs since the product contains almost no water. Reduces overall costs by 50% or more due to this products versatility. Suitable for both conventional and digital polishing applications.

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